The worship services of the San Bernardino Community SDA Church strive to provide a way through which worshipers can lift up their hearts to God in adoration, confession, thanksgiving and petition. This is done through Word, prayer, music, baptism and Lord's Supper, and is the primary purpose for which we gather for services on a weekly basis.

A secondary reason for our worship gatherings is to provide believers with the opportunity to interact with other people of faith, to learn and grow in their understanding and experience of faith, to give and receive encouragement, and to live as part of a community of faith through all of the changes and challenges of life.

It is our preeminent purpose to exalt Jesus Christ at every service of worship, that his will and love would further fill our lives.


Service Schedule

Sabbath School

Saturday Mornings 9:130 AM
Church at Study Saturday Mornings 11:00 AM
Pray Meetings Wednesday Evenings

7:00 PM